tmi tuesday

1. Wash up, cuddle or fall asleep?

hmm this depends on who i am with. Usually it’s in that order, or we cuddle I throw him out and then i fall asleep.

2. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

in all honesty, yes i have. Only to end certain terrible sexual experiences or to preserve the dignity of the man that i was with at the time.

3. In a 24 hour period, what is the most number of times you have ever had sex?

i do believe it was an Olympic scale marathon. some where between 6 to 8 times which led to a sunday morning spent on the couch in pain and two broken lamps.

4. Have you ever had sex or give/received oral sex while you were driving a car?

I have yet to try this one out, I have never given or received where there has been a moving car involved. I need to date more boys with cars! lol

5. What do you think the average number of sexual partners your sex has in their lifetime?

hmm good question, I am not sure really. As a woman I haven’t had that many sexual partners, and neither have some of my closest friends. We’ve all been increasingly selective too as we have such a tight group of people to be with you tend to cross pollinate. But I do know women who have been with a significant number. so it depends really, on who you are and what you are comfortable in doing.

6. Do you think most people lie when asked?

probably, although i really don’t see what the point is. i don’t think sexual experience is something you can really fake, so if you lie about that you are bound to get caught eventually.

Bonus: Can men and women just be friends?

I would say yes, as long as there is no sexual attraction between the two. If there is then the inevitable is bound to happen. TRUST me.


October 9, 2007. tmi tuesday. Leave a comment.