a chinatown halloween

I see Jesus,
well someone dressed as Jesus.
With a crown of thorns
and a corduroy blazer.

Two dressed as fat men,
a cat
a superhero
a freedom fighter and gold grills.

The loft space is small and cramped
and vintage hip hop eats away at the rotting molding.
Far beyond capacity I am terrified that the ground will rip beneath us.

I light cigarette after cigarette and watch the CK model become friends with the emo kid.
Watch as Courtney Love stumbles across the room biting at her red stained mouth.
halloween weekend.
an excuse to get dressed up, fucked up and take some one home.

I can’t stay.
My legs twitches as I sit restlessly on the thigh of CK model.
Cute he is, smart he is not.
I feel him hard underneath me.
I could take him home, instead I let his fingers tickle my stomach before I leave and throw kisses at my friends.

I speed walk down spadina.
wanting smiling blue pills on the tip of my tongue
wanting my tongue to find Seb’s mouth and kiss him hard
wanting to spend the rest of the night tangled in his limbs
whispering joy division
as siren songs cut down the street.


October 28, 2007. C'est Moi.

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