put you to bed

It comes in flashes
these sex haze memories.

I sit astride him
slowly griding my hips against him.

He breathes deep and heavy
as he enters me gently.

My lips hard on his
as I scream in to his mouth.

His eyes watching my body move, back arched
legs wide.

I tug at his shirt as we lie in the dark,
covering his chest in red kisses.

never breaking rythm
never breaking time
my way
your way
stroke suck kiss bite inhale exhale dirty sexy

up against the wall
legs wrapped tight around you
skin sore
ripped up by brick wall

He puts me to bed
slides up my body
He puts me to bed
wraps me in nothing but his love
He puts me to bed
He puts me to bed.


October 16, 2007. love, men, sex.


  1. Natureboy replied:

    Nice verse. I really like your prose. (How’s that for a pickup line?)

    Honestly, great read. You’re talented. πŸ˜‰

  2. j'son replied:

    my jeans are tighter than they were when i started reading

  3. shibari replied:

    oh my heck girl… you go! seriously putting it on the page with this one… Where you been hiding?

  4. aporia24 replied:

    Still, so beautiful…

  5. Jeevy replied:

    I love this one!
    really. I actually felt like i was seeing something here! πŸ˜‰
    hehe! πŸ˜€

    peace & love

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