weak become heroes

yo, they could settle wars with this
if only they will
imagine the world’s leaders on pills
and imagine the morning after
wars causing disaster

I watch him bend and inhale
one line. two lines.
white powder flits and darts across the shiny black surface it rests on.
bodies twist together tightly waiting for their turn.

I’ve never really been one for cocaine.
ecstasy has always been my vice of choice.
why can’t that come back.
ecstasy makes me fuck like a porn star
ecstasy make me dance like a rock star

geezers on e’s and first timers
kids on wizz darlings on charlie
all come together for this party

I am lying on his ugly tweed couch
with nothing on my a old white t shirt and red lipstick.
My idea of dirty sexy.
Seb and I have just had about three round of passionate amour, and it looks like my man can’t pull him self together just yet.
So I let the warmth of my buzzing laptop burn on my skin, keeping me warm till he wakes.


October 8, 2007. C'est Moi.

One Comment

  1. j'son replied:

    that was hot
    i mean
    great post
    I would absolutely love to see that pic!
    the one in my mind is great but the actual pic would be mind-blowing.

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