tmi tuesday

1. Who did you think you would marry in elementary school?

elementary school?? I had no such thoughts. And I still don’t!
The very thought of the “M” word scares the shit out of me.

2. Which muppet is your favorite? Why?

Miss. Piggy. Cause she was brash, rude and didn’t let any one or any muppet mess with her man.

3. Which politician would you most like to screw? [For pleasure or revenge]

Bill Clinton. I want to know what all the hype is about.

4. How did you first find the g-spot?

Hours spent with best boy mate. He wouldn’t let up until I was very very satisfied. I should call him.

5. What is the best costume you’ve ever worn?

A keep of the grass sign. F’in funny let me tell you. Won two hundred dollars in wine. Yum!


September 25, 2007. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. j'son replied:

    haaaaaaaaa great answers!
    well #3 is disturbing because surely he would lie about it!
    and if he was any good at it wouldn’t he have a married a pretty girl? Or at least when you are the most powerful man in the universe don’t you cheat with a Playmate????
    I’m just sayin!

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