“It’s girls like you that make us normal girls look bad.”
Seated under a tree on darkened earth I dug my heels in to the dirt of Trinity Bellwood’s Park. To my right a family of eight eating apples, cherries and poppy seeds. To my left a very angry girl friend.
“I am perfectly normal Yoli.” I had no idea what she was talking about as I watched her pull blades of grass from their roots.
“Normal? Define normal.”
I shrugged and turned my attention back to the happy family. I let their laughter and cherry red lips  wash out Yoli’s complaints.
She was always complaining about something. A dress she wanted but couldn’t afford. A man she wanted but was not thin enough to attract. A love she needed and a void she couldn’t fill.  But mostly Yoli liked to talk about me and all of my short comings.
“Is this about Him?” I asked desperate for raspberry gelato. I could not take her whining for one more moment.
“Him.” She repeated. “Him. I will not let you see Him again.”
Bubbles of laughter escaped my lips before I could bite them back.  She would not let me see Him again.  Surely this was a silly joke.
“I am not joking.”
“And I have got Tello on my side.”
“She is a bitch too.”
bitches. bitches the both of them.
“You will never learn, what else is there for us to do.”
“Do nothing. I have never asked for your help.”
“He is bad for you, the sooner you realize this the better.”
“I want raspberry gelato.”


September 7, 2007. dating.

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