un petit moment

work has made me take a back seat.
please forgive me.

minor thoughts tossing about my mind…

  • date with Seb after work tomorrow. (excited!)
  • have simu-date with fuck-buddy to take edge off before work.(horny!)
  • must remember to wear matching lace set.
  • must remember to not jump Seb’s bones.
  • must remember to not return D’s call.
  • must remember to buy more subway tokens.

August 16, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. shibari replied:

    I love making lists…
    or rather I wish I was making a list like yours..
    or even to BE on someones list… well unless it is their “shit” list…

  2. iamfemme replied:

    ahh the shit list.
    i am on a few of those.
    Red-Leggings may be on to me!
    more details as the unfold…
    shhhhhhhhh 😛

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