single envy

Johnny G’s.
Parliment and Carelton.
Hungover Brunch.

The June sun burnt our skin and lips as we walked from my apartment.
JJ had spent the night with D and I round at my place.

JJ was a pretty young thing with white blond hair, trident white teeth and the sexiest lips.
Dating one of the scenster power players she led the fairy tale life.
commitment sex,drugs on tap, and a discount at AA.
Whether she had noted our drunken fuckfest that took place on the bed next to her she did not say anything.
As usual I had pushed D out of my door and calmed my headache with cataflam and coffee.

“I envy you.”
It took everything I had not to choke on the eggs that now stuck to the roof of my mouth.
Was the girl delirious?
“Envy me? Have you lost your mind!”
What I would give for a cute musician boyfriend who I didn’t have to share.
What I would give for her perfect pout and tiny waist.
What I would give for a discount at AA.
“It must be fun, meeting new people, dating different men.”
She had a point, but I wasn’t about to tell her so.
“Do you know me at all? I’d kill for some stability.To know that the man sleeping next to me is in it for the long haul.”
She shrugged and nodded.
“I’d rather have a man fuck me like D fucked you.”


August 15, 2007. memory.


  1. probitionate replied:

    Ah… A Taranna gal. Nice.

    Although I’d have to fail you for misspelling street names…


  2. iamfemme replied:

    silly me!
    *bends over and waits for a good spanking.*

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