it’s just a little crush

I’m crushing again.
oh what a wonderful feeling.
butterflies tickle my insides.
my blood races and skin flushes.

I am only letting you know this because every one has a crush on Seb.
Combination good looks and kind character is a rare find.
He makes you nervous.
Another bonus.

rumor has it he’s in to me.
rumor has it I will leave you for him.
I am only letting you know this because it’s true.
I will leave you.
I have left you.
I am gone now.
It’s nice to have fucked you.


August 10, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. probitionate replied:

    Can I get a video of you doing this as performance art? On a stage? At a mic?

    Great stuff.

    I bet you riff something awful over breakfast in a diner…

  2. iamfemme replied:

    I could never!
    I suppose this blog is my stage.
    Where i hang my lace panties out to dry.

  3. probitionate replied:

    Oh,come on; you’re likening your blog to a laundry line? What, a confessional over the garden fence?
    Time for a Popsicle.

  4. iamfemme replied:

    I had one today.
    Cherry flavored.

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