love is a losing game

“You said it was over.”D says tugging at my panties as I struggle to unbutton his vintage oxford blue shirt.
“What?” I am barely paying attention as I force my mouth on to his biting hard on his lower lip before ripping at the final button.
I know what I had said, I don’t need it repeated to me. Not now.
Free of my panties D lifts me to his lap. I can feel him pressing up hard against his black denim. His long fingers dig deep in to my flesh as I continue to kiss him.
Pressing our chests together I wrap my arms tightly around him, wishing to take in all of him. Breathing him in deep, having him melt in to me.
Finally breaking, I drag my nails gently down the side of his sharp jaw, biting his ear, licking the soft part that makes him tremble.
In one swift movement he has me on my back and starts kissing, nibbling, licking my skin. I feel my back begin to arch as he makes his way down past my breasts, teasing the skin around my navel and further.

We lie in a heap now, on the floor.
Why is it we always end up here?
Your chin presses against my shoulder, your warm breath brushes my cheek.
Your hand still wanders, up and down my skin as a trail of goosebumps follow.
It all seems so perfect.
Us lying here.
Your cellphone rings and I know that it is her. Wondering where you are and what you have done.
Can I tell her?
He’s made me come three times today! I would say.
He loves it when I bite his thigh.
He loves the way my hips moves in figure 8’s against him.

You don’t pick up and you wonder if she’s left you a message.
But you soon forget, as I roll back on top of you.
Leaving butterfly kisses along your cheeks.


July 27, 2007. sex.

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