the cheating game.


Why cheat?

I’ll never really understand. I don’t think there is a real answer and yet I have heard a number of good reasons.

The Top Four are usually as follows:

  1. A Distraction: Tired of the same old routine? Your relationship runneth in to boredom? Why not stop by your neighborhood watering hole and pick up someone. Sometimes I fear that it is far easier to fall in to bed with a new person than it is to deal with a failing relationship.
  2. A Thrill: This usually happens when the relationship is falling apart sexually. The thrill of being caught doing the dirty with someone new and different is incredibly exciting. Especially if the sexual relationship with your partner is not as spine tingling as it once was.
  3. Self-Esteem: Let’s be honest we all love a little ego stroke now and then. This need increases when we feel our partner is not giving us the boost that we need. So off we go to find some one that will make us feel as sexy as we deserve.
  4. Head Games: You would be surprised at how much people enjoy the pleasures of a mind fuck. What your mind is willing to rationalize. How far you are willing to take a lie. Not really thinking of any kind of consequence. It’s a little worrisome actually.

I would like to think I have never been cheated on. In all honesty I haven’t ever been in a relationship long enough for any one to do so. But I have been the other woman, and I can not say it feels any better.

I don’t think it would be as hard if D and I had a purely sexual relationship.
Sadly there is too much history and neither of us have the balls to let one another go.

So I am the other woman, as Red-Leggings watches on, clueless to our interactions.
I want to tell her. I really do, as it’s not her fault.


July 16, 2007. dating, sex.

One Comment

  1. Bunny replied:

    I started cheating for #3, the self-esteem boost. My husband doesn’t want to have sex more than 2-3 times a year and it leaves me feeling horrible and unwanted. So I found someone to make me feel wanted, desired, and desirable. Now I’m really into the sex with this other man. I know it’s wrong, but I’m enjoying it too much to stop.
    I am both the cheater and “the other woman.” Sad part is, I know his wife (just a weird freakin’ coincidence) and like her. But she has some serious sexual hang-ups (she gives him 5 minutes – if he can’t finish in that time he has to go jerk off) and he deserves more. Neither of us want to screw up our families, but we love the physical relationship we have.
    You are right that it is easier if it is just a sexual relationship. If my “friend” and I start getting emotionally involved, I may end it. That just gets too difficult.
    Good luck, honey!

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