hello kitty

I have blisters, and I watch you count them.
A total of five.
I tell you they hurt and you wrinkle your nose in thought.
I love watching you think, but you get up and leave me on the smooshy couch.

Back you come, clutching a box of band aids.
“Hello Kitty.” You say pulling my feet up on to your lap.
Nursing each wound with a touch of japanime. I catch you peeking at my panties.
The white sheer lace ones that I know you adore. My skirt is pulled up high past my knees, I readjust exposing more skin.
I let your hands travel, I watch in lust as I know where they will lead.

Sometimes I can’t stand the sight of you.
Because I know I must share you.
I hate that you can walk out this door with not much care.
And all I want is you.
Back in my bed.
Back between my sheets.
Our legs intertwined as I hum musical rhythms and beats.

I will pretend to not care, your satisfaction would be far to great.
And I am far to proud.
So we will continue to play our childish game.
Cat and mouse.
Lover and the scorned.

It’s 2am and I have just locked my door.
I send you home tonight because I can’t bear to see you leave in the morning.
I fall a sleep, the scent our love deep in my sheets.
Till tomorrow my sweet.
Till tomorrow.


July 14, 2007. love, sex.

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