skin to skin

you make me blush.
A little. A lot.
Which is tough, for it is summer and my skin is the color of dark chocolate.
I like the way your skin looks next to mine.
Summer loves you and your pink of winter is now gold.
People watch us sitting at St.George station.
You suck vanilla ice cream dripping off of my bottom lip.

On the floor of my bedroom now.
The ice cream sticky on our fingers, sticky on our skin.
I let your hands wander and explore. Like a blind man with varying rhythms you tease and scratch.

You are a sleep again, I survey the damage. Scratches criss cross along your skin, marks of passion.


July 13, 2007. memory.


  1. heartgnosis replied:

    What beautiful poetry, as poetic as the ecstasy of sexual desire itself.

    I love how you paint the scene with sensation, emotion and such an out of breath tone..

    Gorgeous work, I hope to see more! 🙂

  2. iamfemme replied:

    thank you!

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