grape flavored oral fixation

Yoli thinks I have an oral fixation.
Because I eat nothing but freezies and suck back on cigarettes all summer long.
She says I must give great head because unlike she I practice all the time.
I say it’d be a lot more fun if men had grape flavored penises.
Then maybe I’d do it more.
Is penis a collective noun?

I’ve only ever really enjoyed going down on D.
He’s putty in my hands once I am done.
But I will only give if I am the first to receive, and he had better do a stellar job.
It’s interesting with D because he seems so fascinated by my “flower” as he calls it. He’ll probe, kiss, lick suck and tickle.
I’ll wake some mornings with he between my legs as my muscles tense and my back arches about to crack.
Does he think of grape Popsicles when he feasts on me? I can’t help but wonder.


July 12, 2007. sex.

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