sexual equations

I used to count to ten to calm my frayed nerves.
Sadly it doesn’t work anymore, so perhaps I need to count a little higher.
I have never been a fan of math, but I can’t help but notice little equations come up and haunt my day to day life.
I count calories, cigarettes and how many dirty little thoughts creep in to my minds eye.
I like to count sheep before I sleep and the number of red skittles in a packet.
I count the seconds it takes for me to make my self cum. (20 seconds, a record)
Today I was met by a clit-tease. A friend of a friend with a soon to be fiancee.

“How many ?”
“How many what?”
“How many partners have you had?”

Like most I dred this question, but I thought about it and a new equation came in to play.

Total – (bad fuck) – (drunken fuck) – (forgotten fuck) = 5

He seemed surprised by the number. Apparently tales of my sexual conquests had suggested other wise.
D came in then, grabbing my ass and kissing my neck.
“Number 6 ?” Clit-Tease asked.
I thought about D and our well rounded fucked up relationship (if one could even call it that)
“More like three, four and five.” I replied as I watched him kiss Red-Leggings firmly on the mouth. She could have D now, I knew he’d be mine later tonight.
Lying across my bed as I watched him sleep.


July 11, 2007. dating, men, sex.

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